Car Disposal in NSW (How to Guide)

So you’ve decided to get rid of your car. Great! There are a few ways to go about this as we will cover below.

But first, we want to clarify that car disposal is not just about throwing it away. In New South Wales, disposing of a vehicle actually means transferring ownership to someone else.

This means, no matter if you are looking to sell your vehicle privately, or give your scrap car to the wreckers, you will still need to complete a notice of disposal form.

NSW Car Disposal Process

There are a few steps involved in NSW car disposal:

  1. Decide how you want to dispose of your car – sell privately, car removal service, etc.
  2. Agree on the terms of the sale including the sale price.
  3. Complete a notice of disposal form either:
    1. Online: ; OR
    2. Take the completed form to an NSW service centre ; OR
    3. Mail it to Service NSW.
  4. Hand over the keys and registration papers.

The form has details about you as the previous owner and the buyer, who becomes the new owner.

Completing the notice of disposal is critical as it removes you as the current owner of the vehicle. This completed form must be received by the NSW motor registry within 14 days of the sale taking place.

It is important to note that taking longer than 14 days will result in you as the previous owner, incurring a late fee.

Also, you may be liable for any fines and traffic infringements incurred by the new owner as you will still technically be the registered owner. If you sell it to someone who gets a lot of speeding fines you could find yourself in big trouble.

So the quicker you complete the notice of disposal after getting rid of your vehicle, the better.

Selling Your Car Privately

If your car is still in running condition with no major issues, you may be able to sell it to a private buyer. You could try online marketplaces, running newspaper ads or contacting local car dealerships.

Keep in mind that you will need to factor in the cost of any repairs that need to be made as well as cleaning and detailing the car before putting it up for sale. You may want to get a professional valuation to help set a realistic asking price.

Selling your car privately will likely net you the most money but it can be a time-consuming process. You will also need to be comfortable meeting strangers to show them the car.

Free Car Disposal Service For Unwanted Vehicles

If your car is no longer running, you can choose to have it towed away by a car scrapper to recycle it. Recycling scrap cars is an environmentally-friendly option for cars that are no longer useable.

To recycle your car, search your local area for a car-removal or cash-for-cars service. The good news is, you can get a decent payout from auto wreckers who provide these free services. Just as for an instant cash offer or a free quote to learn what your unwanted car is worth.

These companies are able to purchase your vehicle for cash as they will recycle it for spare parts and scrap metal. First, they remove all the hazardous materials from the car and dispose of them properly. They may also crush the car into small pieces and sell it to scrap metal dealers.


Selling a car can be a hassle, but there are a few ways to go about it. The most common way is to sell it privately. But you can also request car removal from a wrecker to use their free car disposal service. No matter which option you choose, you will need to complete a notice of disposal form after the sale and vehicle removal have taken place.

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