Black pickup car that is being bought with the cash that's on its back.

Cash for Truck Removal

We buy and remove unwanted trucks of all sizes in any condition.

Servicing Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter Regions in New South Wales.

Gain the best cash prices for your old trucks and semi trailers.

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Simply call, text or email us with some basic details about your vehicle make, model, age and condition.


Agree on Price

We will make you an offer to buy for scrapping. Once agreed we will schedule the pickup time and date.


Payment & Removal

When onsite we confirm the value of your vehicle, provide instant bank transfer and free towing.


Top Cash for Trucks in Newcastle & Surrounds

The average lifespan for a truck is around 10-15 years. Granted some are worked much harder than others. For example a heavy commercial vehicle is going to be clocking many more driving hours than a general pickup.

So when your truck has reached the end of it’s life it’s time to sell or scrap it. Our auto wreckers are always on the lookout for more trucks to add to our wrecking yard and will pay best cash for trucks.

If you are based around the Newcastle area or Central Coast in NSW, then contact us today.

Selling your truck may not be possible when there are too many repairs pending and damage is extensive. However we will pay for it regardless.

Plus we will come to you and provide towing to remove it as well.

Quick & Easy Truck Removal

All those thoughts about the large sum of money to repair the truck will be gone in an instant. 

Instead, you get money from us for something that you are already considering as junk. If you agree to bid farewell to your old truck, we will tow it for free.

We are serious about satisfying our customers. As such, the pay will not be petty. You will not have a hard time deciding, that’s for sure.

Get The Best Price for Your Truck

You may be thinking that your old truck is worthless so you leave it sitting in your yard to rot. But this is far from the truth. This old “scrap” contains tonnes of spare parts and recyclable scrap metal.

With our cash for trucks service you don’t need to worry about preparing it by doing any repairs as we are only interested in scrapping it.

Sell it to us and we do all the dismantling and salvaging of those spare parts and metal.

Leave it all in our capable hands and in return we will provide a handsome payout as part of our cash for trucks service.

Professional & Safe Truck Removal

We will dispatch a full-on professional team to remove your truck. We pay particular attention to safety procedures to avoid unwanted accidents.

No matter the type of truck or its condition, our professional team will be able to handle pretty much everything.

At any given time, we are at your service. Whenever you decide to free up garage space or on the road in front of your house even, give us a call. Even if your truck has been in an accident and is stuck where it lays.

Just sit back, relax, and we will do all the work for your truck removal. We are available everywhere surrounding Newcastle.

Best Cash for Trucks Prices in Town

There is no need to keep holding on to an old truck that is filling up space without any value. It is a different story if it is a sentimental one, though.

But at the end of the day, you might as well sell with cash for trucks. We have no concern whatever the condition is. We will come to collect at the earliest opportunity.

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Servicing all of Newcastle, Central Coast and surrounding Hunter regions, we come to you to buy your unwanted vehicles and provide free car & truck removal. 

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