How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Blown Head Gasket?

A head gasket is a critical component of your car engine, and it’s important to replace it as quickly as possible if it blows. But how much does it cost?

On average it costs around $1000 to over $3000 to replace a blown head gasket in Australia.

Unfortunately, this may be more than the vehicle is worth which could mean the vehicle is better off sent to the scrapyard.

However, the exact cost depends on the make and model of your car, the severity of the damage, and which repair shop you use. Let’s take a look at these factors that can affect the cost of replacing a head gasket for your vehicle.

Parts and Labor Costs

The cost of replacing a head gasket will vary depending on the parts needed and the amount of labour involved in completing the job.

The type and quality of parts used will also factor into the overall cost. For example, genuine and even OEM parts are usually more expensive than aftermarket parts but they may offer better performance and reliability.

Similarly, labour costs will depend on where you take your car to be repaired. Some auto shops charge higher rates for more experienced technicians while others may offer lower rates for less experienced technicians.

Also, some vehicles will require more time to dismantle the engine components to gain access to the head gasket so this will add extra time to the labour costs.

Age and Condition of Your Car

The age and condition of your car can also affect the cost of replacing a blown head gasket. Older cars with higher mileage may require additional repairs or replacements that could increase the total cost.

This is because wear-and-tear can cause other engine components to fail over time, such as valves or pistons, which would need to be replaced before fixing the head gasket. In addition, older cars may require special tools or techniques that could add to the expense.

Diagnosis Fees

Finally, many repair shops charge fees for diagnosing problems with your vehicle before beginning any repairs. These fees are typically based on an hourly rate but could be waived if you agree to have them do all necessary repairs once they identify what is wrong with your car.

However, this can be risky since there’s no guarantee that all repairs will be completed correctly or efficiently by the same technician who diagnosed your vehicle in the first place.

For this reason, it is best to ask about diagnosis fees ahead of time so you know exactly how much you’ll need to pay before any work begins on your car.


Replacing a blown head gasket can be an expensive repair job but understanding what factors influence its cost can help you prepare for potential expenses upfront.

Knowing where to take your car for repair is also essential since different auto shops may offer different pricing structures or services that could save you money in the long run.

If you’re ever unsure about what is needed for repairing your vehicle, always consult with an expert first before making any decisions.

And keep in mind that if your vehicle is very old and does not have a high enough market value then completing an expensive head gasket repair may not be financially suitable. In this case, you should consider selling your car to the wreckers.

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