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4×4 Wreckers

We buy and remove unwanted 4×4 and 4WD vehicles of all sizes in any condition.

Servicing Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter regions in NSW.

Sell your four wheel drives for the best going rate.

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Simply call, text or email us with some basic details about your vehicle make, model, age and condition.


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We will make you an offer to buy for scrapping. Once agreed we will schedule the pickup time and date.


Payment & Removal

When onsite we confirm the value of your vehicle, provide instant bank transfer and free towing.


Newcastle 4WD Wreckers

Your four-wheeler may be a workhorse that you rely on and put through its paces every single day. But even if you have a HiLux, Ranger, ASX, Outback or another popular 4WD model, eventually, it’s going to hit the end of the road.

At Alpha Cash for Cars, we are always looking to bring in 4×4 and 4WD vehicles that dealers and private buyers simply don’t have a use for, and we’re willing to pay top dollar.

As 4×4 wreckers in Newcastle, we buy all 4WDs regardless of make, model, or condition, and we service the entirety of Newcastle and the surrounding NSW regions.

If you have an old truck you just can’t get rid of simply give us a call. Your trash is our treasure.

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We Buy Four Wheel Drives for Cash

Once your old 4WD is totalled, or simply worn out from years of hard use, it can cost a fortune to repair. Even towing it to the landfill can cost you money.

With Alpha Cash for Cars, we pay you to remove your old junker and to make things better, we pay generously.

Once you’ve decided you need to ditch your old four-wheel drive, give us a call. We’ll appraise it over the phone, pay you in cash, and tow it away for free.

Car being removed on back of tow truck on the road.

Now Dismantling 4WDs

When you try to sell your totalled 4×4 privately, or to a dealer, you’ll get a lowball offer. That, or they’ll refuse to take it in entirely due to the cost of repairs.

As Newcastle auto dismantlers we don’t care about any of that as we purchase vehicles for scrapping.

We’ll accept 4x4s and 4WDs of any make, model, or condition because we focus on recycling vehicles for parts.

We dismantle all reusable parts for use in other vehicles and scrap every last bit of the core materials. This allows us to give you the best price for your junk trunk, and we even tow it for free.

Find 4×4 Spare Parts

If you are doing some repairs on your vehicle and you are in need of genuine spare parts, our wrecking yard can be a great option. Even though a vehicle has been sold to the wreckers, does not mean that the entire thing is useless.

Often it is just one part of the vehicle that is no good which causes the whole thing to end up in the scrapyard.

So when you are restoring an older 4WD or just completing some repairs, contact us to see what we have available.

A completely smashed and turned over car after an accident being bought for cash.

Sell Your Four Wheel Drive Today

Stop letting your old four-by-four waste space in your garage. We’ll give you cold, hard cash for it, and we don’t care what condition it’s in.

We’ll pay you premium prices, even when the competition refuses the transaction, and we handle removal free of charge.

We even offer same-day pickup. So, don’t wait another minute, call Alpha Cash for Cars today and put easy cash in your wallet.

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Servicing all of Newcastle, Central Coast and surrounding Hunter regions, we come to you to buy your unwanted vehicles and provide free car removal. 

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